Donna Warren

Donna Warren is the co-founder of The Living Without Lies Foundation, the owner of DPW Enterprises which provides web design and copy writing services to both businesses and individuals, and a college professor who teaches computer networking as an adjunct professor at two colleges in the greater Philadelphia area. Donna’s mother’s family came from Ireland in the late 1890s. Donna’s father’s family came from Italy in the early 1900’s.

Donna was influenced from an early age by her grandparents, Solomon and Margaret Waltz and her aunt, Dora Pantalione. A favourite childhood memory was getting a typewriter for her 10th Christmas/birthday. Since she was born on December 29th, all of her presents were received on Christmas and said “Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday.” With her new typewriter, she could write and send her stories and poems to magazines to get published. She had her first poem published at age 11.

Donna had a 70% hearing loss as a child so she always felt like a freak. Her mother was abusive.  When she was 11 she was on her way to her cousin’s house after a particularly nasty incident with her mother when she was grabbed off the street by a stranger who then raped her. He dropped her off at a bar. She called her parents. They came and got her. The only problem was that her mother insisted on calling the police. The police required a rape kit be done and accused her of lying about the rape because she had sex with her boyfriend and didn’t want to get in trouble. The ordeal with the police and the effect of the neighborhood learning about the rape was MUCH WORSE than the actual rape. This incident changed her entire life. Until then, she was only afraid of her mother, now she was afraid all of the time.

She discovered that alcohol made her less afraid and was easy to get, but everyone knew she was drinking. Then she discovered drugs and no one could tell she was using. She found the perfect solution. She quit school and married at 16. Her husband was extremely abusive and she ended up killing him when she was 22. (Read her autobiography “Sorry, miss, you can’t get there from here”, available on Kindle to learn what happened.)

She eventually got straight and her desire to give her children a better life than she had motivated her to achieve the level of success she has attained. Her first academic love is Anthropology but that was not a practical field of study for a single parent with two preschoolers. Her second choice was technology. She never thought she would like teaching until her third husband convinced her to try it in 1998, otherwise, she says, she would have studied anthropology. In engineering school, she had three part-time jobs, as well as, receiving food stamps and housing assistance since her children were only three and four years old when she started school. She is the first college graduate in her family on both sides. Her mother was a high school graduate and her father finished eighth grade then went to work full time to help support his family.

Donna considers her greatest achievement to be raising two sons that are good, decent men who are independent, self-supporting, contributing members of society.

After 25 years of being afraid that someone would find out about her background, she wrote and published her autobiography and created a self- help program based on what she had to do to straighten out her life called the “Living Without Lies Program”.

In 2014, Donna met her co-founder, Catherine Canady, also a former drug addict and child rape victim. The two hit it off immediately and over time became best friends. In 2015, they created The Living Without Lies Foundation, which is a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit corporation. Their first project is to open a woman’s shelter in North Philadelphia whose target population is recently incarnated women who were sexually abused under the age of 15, although they will not turn away anyone.

Both women fell that they are blessed and want to give back because they got to where they are with the help of God and a lot of good people.

The Living Without Lies needs donations to either rent or purchase a building so they can start accepting clients.

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